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Reading as a Form of Meditation - How to Do It

  Reading can be a Form of Meditation When we read, we enter into a different world. We might be transported to a far-off land, or we might be plunged into the depths of our own minds. Either way, reading can be a form of meditation. When we read, we are focused on the words on the page. We are not thinking about our to-do list or worrying about the future. We are simply in the moment, and that can be very relaxing. Reading can also be a gentle way to explore our mental health. If we are anxious or stressed, the act of reading can bring perspective to our feelings and help us work through them. Reading can also help us to see the world differently, turning situations on its head and seeing through the eyes of others, even if those other eyes are fictitious.  Breathing is among the actions most frequently linked to mindfulness and meditation. You can pay attention to the act of breathing to turn it into a meditation by counting breaths, observing the quality of the breath, slowing the b

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