Lightworkers: 12 Things They're Actually Up To (No, It's Not Just 'Hippy Shit!')

Lightworkers are healers, guides, and spiritual seekers. They are on a mission to shift the energy of the world from one of fear to one of love. They are here to help us remember our connection to each other and to the world and universe we belong to.

Lightworkers are not 'just a bunch of hippies', they are so much more than that! They are here to help us heal emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. They are here to help us follow our hearts and let our souls speak.

Here are 12 things that lightworkers are actually up to:

  1. Helping us find what lights us up so we can rediscover our joy
  2. Shifting stuck emotions and giving them space to heal
  3. Raising emotionally healthy children
  4. Bringing emotional intelligence into the workplace
  5. Shifting the viewpoint of the world away from outdated modalities
  6. Lead by example with accepting and inclusive attitudes
  7. Healing emotionally damaged animals
  8. Rethinking the way we eat and mindfully sourcing win-win solutions for us and the planet
  9. Helping to heal the mindless damage done to the self, be it drugs, alcohol, self-abuse, etc.
  10. Improving mental health by teaching meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and self-awareness
  11. Healing burnout - a pandemic of burnout is happening right now
  12. Reconnecting us with the soul's purpose

And soooo much more. The whole purpose of the Lightworker is to heal. Whether it's to heal the individual, the family, the community, the planet, the animals, or the environment. 

Lightworkers Are Working Through Stuff Too

Lightworkers are here to help us heal and they are doing the best they can. They are working through stuff too. Just like us, they are on a journey of self-discovery and growth. They are learning and evolving just like we are.

And just like us, they sometimes make mistakes. They are human after all. But we can learn from their messy life and we can learn from their journey. We can learn from their example of how to live a more spiritually aligned life.

Ultimately, they are here to help us, to guide us, and to show us the way. 

Lightworkers Are Needed

Now more than ever, the world needs lightworkers. These are people who are dedicated to shifting the viewpoint of the world to be more accepting and inclusive. They are also people who are reconnecting with their soul's purpose and breaking through outdated ways of living. 

If you feel called to be a lightworker, know that you are not alone. There are others out there who are also working to make a difference. Allow yourself to shine brightly!


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